Twisted Chenille Rope (Salt & Peffer)
Twisted Chenille Rope (Salt & Peffer)
Twisted Chenille Rope (Salt & Peffer)
Twisted Chenille Rope (Salt & Peffer)

Twisted Chenille Rope (Salt & Peffer)

Salt & Pepper / 10 FT 1/4" Salt & Pepper / 25 FT 1/4" Salt & Pepper / 50 FT 1/4" Salt & Pepper / 100 FT 1/4" Salt & Pepper / 300 FT 1/4" Salt & Pepper / 600 FT 1/4"
Chenille is a soft, feathery fiber that is typically used by quilters for a casual "country look." Frontier Market Solutions has taken the highest quality chenille yarn and twisted it into a beautiful rope that is fit for any occasion. Our chenille rope is softer than any other rope on the market and we are proud to be the first to twist these superior yarns into a sustainable rope. Our chenille rope will look different in one direction compared to another, as the fibers catch the light differently making it appear iridescent without actually using iridescent fibers.

Available in a wide range of vibrant colors, our twisted chenille rope adds a personal touch to whatever project you have in mind. Simple restraints, pet toys, wedding decorations--the possibilities are endless.

Please be aware that although our three-strand cotton rope is true to diameter on the spools, the fibers could expand when the rope is cut to length and shipped. Some ropes could increase almost a whole size in diameter. If your application is dependent on a certain diameter, please consider ordering a smaller size than is needed.

Made in the United States on American-Made machines by Americans.

  • Natural chenille rope is soft to the touch, easy to tie knots in and splice. Commonly used as a tent-line rope, hammock rope, halter and lead rope, harness rope, crab trap rope, awning rope, decorative rope and as an adult novelty item. Chenille is the softest of all fibers, which makes it ideal for when rope abrasion is a significant factor. Because it is so soft it is perfect for decorative work and handrails too. It also has great working conditions and strengths.
  • Our triple twisted chenille rope is made here in the United States and does not contain any harmful chemicals or dyes. This makes it the ideal rope when using it with animals. The softest horse leads and halters are made from twisted chenille rope as well as many pet toys. This twisted chenille rope is all natural and is not harmful if pieces of it are swallowed by a pet when used as a toy.
  • Create fun jewelry and craft projects with this easy-to-work-with chenille rope. This high-quality twisted chenille rope can be used as cording, perfect for stringing beautiful jewelry and accessories. It is an excellent basis for handmade projects, and the wide variety of colors is suitable for a number of uses.
  • Our twisted chenille rope is cut to length and packaged in 10 feet, 25 feet, 50 feet and 100 feet variations and is also available in full spools. Our chenille rope is true to diameter while on the spools in our shop. However, when the rope is cut to length it's possible that the fibers will expand. It's not uncommon for the ropes to increase almost a whole size in diameter.
  • Chenille rope is the best choice in situations involving exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods of time, as it is not susceptible to UV damage like synthetic ropes are. This makes it ideal for outdoor and camping trips and exposure to the elements. Our twisted chenille rope can also be machine washed if exposed to oils or lubricants. Shrinkage may occur by approximately 5% on all chenille ropes.
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